Services - Tappancs Veterinary Office


We provide availability for animal owners each day of the week. Outpatient care is provided in the regular office hours, where you can come without appointment. However, in order to reduce waiting time, it is possible to make an appointment by phone in advance, so we can receive our patients before the office hours. In order to provide emergency healthcare, we keep constant off-hours availability.

Apart from regular healthcare, vaccination and microchipping, we also offer activities that require special equipment and instruments. For example, haematological and biochemical blood tests, abdominal and thoracic ultrasound examinations, ECG, radiological examinations, ultrasonic plaque removal and special ophthalmic screening tests. In our operating-room, basically all kinds of soft tissue surgical operations can be done in anaesthesia delivered with an anaesthetic machine. To cure traumatological and orthopaedic cases, we are in contact with the most famous Hungarian surgeons.

Besides traditional veterinary care, we apply alternative cures, such as acupuncture and homeopathy in certain cases.